Telenor 3G Weekly Plus Bundle Offer
Telenor 3G Weekly Plus Bundle Offer

Telenor 3G Weekly Plus Bundle Offer

Telenor 3G Weekly Plus Bundle Offer brings you the best in class 3g with faster internet speed, unparalleled telenor coverage & affordable 3g internet rates with the weekly plus bundle offer.

Offer / Package Name 3G Weekly Plus Bundle Offer
Validity 7 days
Internet Volume 1200MB Internet
Price Rs. Rs. 100.00 incl. Tax
Activation Code / Subscription Code Dial:*345*164#
Deactivate Code / UNSUB Code
Eligibility All djuice and Talkshawk customers

On the go telenor mobile internet like never before, can’t get enough of the telenor online world? Telenor Weekly Plus 3G internet bundle offer is the answer to your internet connectivity needs. Stay online on the go with telenor 3g 1200MB internet for 7 days.

Weekly Plus Bundle Offer Eligibility:

All telenor talkshawk & telenor djuice customers are eligible for this bundle offer.

Offer validity:

The Weekly Plus Bundle Offer subscription is valid for 7 days.

Offer Terms & Conditions:

Telenor prices are inclusive of applicable taxes, if any. Telenor default rate usage without telenor subscribing to bundles will be charged at 12 paisa incl tax / 10 KB.

After Rupees 59.75 of daily charging on default rate further usage will be completely free internet for the rest of the day. Note: fair usage polocy of 1.5GB.

Telenor talkshawk and telenor djuice 3G internet bundles will work both on telenor 2G & Telenor 3G but telenor 2G internet bundles will not work on 3G.

Telenor video call charging will be Rupees 2.99 / 5 minutes. A video call capable phone is required for video call and both parties need to be in 3g internet area & also 3g video call capable phone.

Is Telenor 3G Internet Different From Telenor 2G Internet?

Yes, telenor 3g internet is different from 2g internet. The telenor 3g internet network will run on best in class HSPA technology to give telenor subscribers access to high speed internet.

How Do I Activate Telenor 3G Internet?

There is no activation because telenor 3g internet is on by default. You simply need to be in a telenor 3g coverage area & 3g capable handset, thats it.


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